Recommendations for Prechool Age, Integrated Classrooms for Special need

Exposing kids below 5 to school education and competition is a flawed national policy, stunting intellectual development of our young generation. This education approach mutes creativity, introduces stress to young innocent and energetic minds in their first 2000 days of being.

Not only are new recommendations that set Nursery age upper limit to 4 years discordant with the R.T.E. but detrimental to young minds who have to compete and cope with N.C.E.R.T. syllabi designed for 6+. Competent research advocates 6 year plus to begin schooling, so does the developed worlds recommend six to be the right year to step into education systems. USA, Norway and many developed world nations believe child’s first 4-5 years spent in Non-Maternal care may present behavioral problems in adulthood. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHHD), which also conducted a study on the impact on kids below 5, face in institutions range from defiance-like “talking back”, throwing temper tantrums, and refusing to cooperate. This also included aggressive behaviors like being cruel, destroying toys and other objects, and getting into physical fights. Kids under 5 year who went to childcare were rated less socially competent by mothers & teachers.

Even if the recommendations of the western world and researches were to be negated our age-old Indian Gurukul system and wisdom of the Vedic traditions that took 6 year old plus to its fold still is most relevant as are the teachings of Vedanta. Let our own nation which gave the wisdom, spirituality and best teaching traditions to the world not have Mediocre and commonplace students and professionals.

Lets keep the first 2000 days of our child free to imbibe natures own wisdom and gifted creativity in maternal and home care in a free spirited way – the “PRAGYA” way of letting Nature distill its own wisdom to children under Five.  I have been a strong advocate for setting the National elementary schooling age limit to 5+ most prominently through the HRD ministry C.A.B.E. committee of which am an active member. I hope we will not tinker with the foundations of our coming generations.

As a consequence of RTE the requirements of children with special needs were not being addressed in keeping with the requirement of an integrated inclusive classroom environment.